“InfoPath Forms for SharePoint 2010″ Released

Disclaimer:  This post is a combination of helpful information and shameless self-promotion.

The promotion part is this…

We’ve just launched a video training package called InfoPath Forms for SharePoint 2010.  It’s filled with the task-specific tips you need to create stylish, efficient, easy-to-use electronic forms for collecting and displaying data.

And, because of InfoPath’s tight integration with SharePoint 2010, we’ve focused many of the videos on ways to take advantage of this powerful combination.  If you or someone in your company is responsible for creating forms and SharePoint lists, this is definitely worth checking out.

It’s offered through our partner’s online store; CBTClips.com.  We’ve also put a page here on our site where you can see a list of the 40 videos in the package and their descriptions…plus watch a sample video.

As for the helpful part…

A few of the actual InfoPath training videos are available to view here on this site, through the online store and on our YouTube channel (…where you’ll also find videos for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, InfoPath and Groove).

Here’s a video to get you started…

We’ll be happy to let you know when we post additional help videos.  Simply sign up on the right under Free Help, and when you visit our YouTube channel, click the Subscribe button.

Thanks for taking a look!  Happy learning!!