Adding Double Horizontal Lines in Word 2010

Word 2010 logo with linesAs the day began, a Word document was just hanging out on the screen, waiting for the big designer in the Herman Miller chair to make her move.

Seemed obvious that the document needed to be divided, separating two sections of text.  Not separated so much that they were on two different pages mind you, but  enough that there was a stylish pause for the reader.

In a more utilitarian document a single horizontal line would do the trick.  Here though, a different look was needed because this document had a loftier air about it.

Time was running short so the big designer in the Herman Miller chair made the call…add a double horizontal line.  Brilliant!

It wouldn’t be anything over the top, just a couple of lines that seemed to go together well.  But how to accomplish the task.  Use one of Word’s pre-defined double lines?…or create a custom double line?   Word’s built-in double lines had done a good job for the designer in the past.  They certainly worked well together.  In fact, they were inseparable.  Unfortunately, that was the problem.

You see this document called for two horizontal lines that were not as close together as the pre-designed lines were.  The lines needed here could certainly share some things in common, like their color and their angle on the page, but the big designer in the Herman Miller chair also thought they should be different.  Perhaps different widths or lengths.  But definitely more space between them than the others.  She thought they’d be more interesting that way.

That brings us to the following video.  It shows how double horizontal lines can be added to a Word document.  And how they can be made to work with the document’s text if that text ever has to be moved or edited.  Hopefully, this will help you if you’re ever need to make this kind of decision when formatting your documents.

Oh…you should know that according to the big designer in the Herman Miller chair, the document and its double horizontal lines lived happily ever after!


This video, plus a video on adding single horizontal lines to Word 2010 documents are also available for viewing on our YouTube channel.