Word 2007

We created 32 CBT (computer based training) video clips to help users harness the power of Word 2007 to create impressive, professional documents quickly and easily. The videos introduce you to Word 2007′s new features and demonstrate how to take advantage of the tools that can turn anyone into a power user!Word 2007

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The Table of Contents shown below lists the Titles and Descriptions of all videos in the package.

Title Description
Effortless Document Setup
Introducing Word 2007 Take a guided tour of the updated Word 2007 interface
Margins and Paragraph Alignment Learn how to set the document page margins and paragraph alignment
Using the Style Gallery Formatting text with style has never been this easy
Quick Formatting with Style Sets Apply and modify a set of styles including color and font schemes
Managing Document Styles Explore the Styles Pane to create, modify or delete text styles
Adding Headers and Footers Step-by-step directions for creating attractive header and footer elements
Document Design Features
Creating a Custom List Create a customized, multi-level, bulleted or numbered list
Introducing Themes Add a theme for attractive and consistent looking Office documents
Adding a Page Border Dress up your document with page borders and horizontal lines
Setting the Page Color Add a burst of color to the document by adding a background color
Including a Watermark Apply watermarks (washouts) to the entire document or selected pages
Automating with Building Blocks Learn how to use the new Building Blocks to create a professional document
Using Pull Quotes / Text Boxes Break up large blocks of text by adding a stylish pull quote text box
Creating Custom Graphic Elements
Adding Style to Graphics Use the Live Preview to quickly add flair to graphics and images
Using Smart Art Diagrams Communicate ideas visually with stunning new Smart Art graphics
Wrapping Text Around Graphics Step-by-step instructions for wrapping text around graphics
Drawing and Arranging Shapes Draw focus to details in your document  by adding customized shapes
Organizing with Tables
Creating a Table with Style Format tables quickly with choices from the new Table styles gallery
Performing Calculations in a Table Use the power of Excel to add calculations to a Word table
Controlling Headers and Footers Use a table to layout a stylish header or footer
Document Management
Review and Track Changes Work with revisions and investigate the new Inspect Document feature
Compare Two Versions How to compare and merge two revised documents
Removing Personal Information Inspect and remove hidden and personal data  from your documents
Using a Digital Signature Secure and protect your documents by adding a digital signature
Restricting Access Keep your sensitive documents secure by adding  password protection
Proofing Tools Produce a first-class document using these  reference and research tools
Using References in a Document
Building an Index Make the information in long documents more accessible by adding an index
Adding a Table of Contents Learn how to construct an easy-to-read table of contents for your document
Inserting a Table of Figures Create a table of figures to list the document’s graphics, equations and tables
Creating a Bibliography Watch how to turn your list of sources into a professional bibliography
Mail Management Features
Envelopes and Labels Create labels and envelopes to a single address fast and easy
Creating a Mail Merge Mail to one or one hundred using the powerful Mail Merge Wizard
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