PowerPoint 2007

We created 32 CBT (computer based training) video clips to help users create dynamic, high-impact presentations easier and faster than ever with PowerPoint 2007. The videos guide you through PowerPoint’s features, tools, and capabilities that put the control to produce great-looking presentations at your fingertips. Exercise files are also made available for hands-on practice to users purchasing the training package.PowerPoint 2007

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The Table of Contents shown below lists the Titles and Descriptions of all videos in the package.

Title Description
Creating Presentations
Tour PowerPoint 2007 Take a guided tour of the updated PowerPoint 2007 interface
Start with a Template Jumpstart your presentations with professionally designed templates
Adding Slides and Content Add slides with layouts ready for your specific type of content
Selecting a Professional Theme Achieve instantly professional results with built-in design themes
Customizing Themes Get just the right look quickly and easily by customizing themes
Understanding Bullets and Levels Make your point more effectively with a huge variety of bullet options
Changing the Layout Enhance the visual appeal of your slides by adjusting the layout
Rearranging Slides Change the slide order to freshen things up or shift your presentation’s focus
Reusing Slides Save time and get proven results by reusing slides from other presentations
Working with Slide Masters
Designing Custom Slide Masters Create a custom slide master for a unique and professional look
Applying a Header and Footer Achieve consistency across slides easily by using headers and footers
Saving Slide Masters Templates Turn your custom slide masters into templates for future presentations
Adding Graphical and Multimedia Elements
Including Pictures and Clip Art Support and enhance your message with pictures and clip art
Working With Word Art Perk up your titles and text with the clever use of WordArt
Optimizing Photos Add impact with digital photos while keeping your file size under control
Using Movies and Sounds Use movies and sounds to help convey your message effectively
Inserting a Flash Movie Dazzle your audience and hold their attention with Flash movies
Adding Hyperlinks and Actions Expand your world of content with hyperlinks and actions
Tables, Charts and Diagrams
Drawing Tables Organize and communicate your data using tables
Utilizing Charts Illustrate data graphically and dynamically with charts linked to Excel
Creating Diagrams with SmartArt Communicate ideas with the flexibility and high impact of SmartArt
Animation and Transitions
Animating Text and Graphics Focus attention on important points with animated text and graphics
Designing Motion Path Animation Create motion path animations to create more interest in your slides
Choosing Slide Transitions Use slide transitions to keep your presentation flowing
Sharing Information Effectively
Working with the Presenter View Connect with your audience using multiple monitors and the Presenter View
Controlling a Live Presentation Present with confidence by controlling the onscreen presentation
Packaging for CD-based Delivery Distribute your presentations or take them on the road on CD
Creating a Web Page Engage a wider audience by publishing your presentation on the web
Publishing to a Slide Library Share slides, track changes and save time with slide libraries
Saving in a PDF Format Save your presentation in the popular PDF format
Setting Up a Self-Running Show Make your point even when you’re not there with a self-running slide show
Securing Presentations Use the Document Inspector and passwords to secure your presentations
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