InfoPath 2010

We created 40 CBT (computer based training) video clips to help people who need to create forms start building powerful, interactive forms for data gathering in SharePoint. InfoPath provides an unbeatable combination of power and ease of use for creating forms without writing code. This series of InfoPath 2010 training videos demonstrates each step of the process, including working with custom layouts, adding controls and objects, to data validation rules and integration with SharePoint. Exercise files are included.InfoPath 2010 ribbon banner imageClick for more samples and to purchase

The Table of Contents shown below lists the Titles and Descriptions of all videos in the package.

Title Description
Getting Started
What is InfoPath? Understand InfoPath’s role as an information gathering tool
Touring the InfoPath Interface Take a guided tour of the InfoPath 2010 interface
Importing from Word & Excel Save time by importing existing Word & Excel forms into InfoPath
Laying Out a New Form
Designing with Layout Tables Structure forms from scratch using convenient layout tables
Modifying Tables Make adjustments to layout tables and give your form the perfect look
Creating Template Parts Create reusable template parts that make form building quick and easy
Using Repeating Tables Provide a flexible way to enter data with repeating tables
Repeating Table Properties Learn how to adjust tables by modifying their properties
Adding Controls and Objects
Date Pickers Simplify form design using pre-built date pickers
Text Controls Know when to use a text box or a rich text box for collecting data
Scrolling Regions Accommodate extensive data input by adding a scrolling region
List and Combo Boxes Select items from a list or add your own with list and combo boxes
Option Buttons and Checkboxes Collect specific types of data with option buttons and check boxes
Optional Sections Use optional sections to minimize space while adding functionality
Hyperlinks Add hyperlinks or use the Hyperlink control to allow users to input links
Applying Formatting and Rules
Formatting Text and Tables Improve the usability of forms by formatting text and tables
Background Colors and Schemes Simplify form design and easily enhance the look of your forms
Working with Images Add images or allow users to insert images into a form template
Using Validation Rules Set conditions which restrict input for consistent data entry
Pattern Matching Validation Create rules to ensure data is accurately inputted into a form
Understanding Digital Signatures
Enabling Digital Signatures Enable forms to be signed digitally to authenticate the form data
Using a Signature Line, Part 1 Add a Signature Line to a form to be routed through a workflow
Using a Signature Line, Part 2 Setting up a SharePoint Collect Signatures Workflow
Enabling Section Signatures Set up sections of a form for multiple and visible signatures
Viewing and Printing Forms
Making Multiple Views Offer different users multiple views of the same form
Creating Tabbed Navigation Make a long form easier to use by adding tabbed navigation
Designing a Printable Version Create a version of a form template specifically for printing
Printing Multiple Views Select options to print your form exactly how you want it to display
Finalizing a Form
Make a Form Accessible Add features to ensure a form is compliant with accessibility standards
Protecting a Form Learn the steps to set the right security level to protect your form
Enabling Browser Forms Make forms compatible with web browsers using the Design Checker
Integrating with SharePoint
Modifying SharePoint Lists Watch how InfoPath can be used to create or edit SharePoint lists
Retrieving Data Create dynamic data fields using a connection to SharePoint
Connecting Related Fields Automatically update one field based on another field’s selection
Automatically Populating Fields Use the people picker control to automatically populate related fields
Creating Cascading Fields Add a filter so that choices in one dropdown list are based on another
Submitting to SharePoint Configure the Submit button with a data connection to a SharePoint site
Publishing to a Document Library Distribute forms by publishing to a SharePoint document library
Publishing as a Site Content Type Publish to SharePoint Enterprise with InfoPath Form Services
Distributing via Outlook
Integrating with Outlook Distribute & submit forms via email with InfoPath and Outlook
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