Groove 2007

We created 32 CBT (computer based training) video clips to help users see that project collaboration has never been easier. Groove enables team members and workgroups to collaborate and synchronize their work in a highly integrated environment. Ideal for workers in satellite offices and remote locations. We provide step-by-step demonstrations of the tools, tips and techniques needed to keep everyone on the same page, no matter where they’re located.Groove 2007Click for more samples and to purchase

The Table of Contents shown below lists the Titles and Descriptions of all videos in the package.

Title Description
Introducing Groove 2007
Overview Understand Groove’s role in your collaborative projects
Touring the Groove Interface Take a guided tour of the Groove 2007 interface
Creating Your Account Create and log on to your Groove account
Setting Account Preferences Set preferences to control your account, then back up your settings
Managing Workspaces
Adding Workspaces Add, archive and delete workspaces according to your project needs
Managing Workspaces Manage workspaces effectively and navigate in unison with other members
Sending Invitations Send a workspace invitation, or accept one, to begin collaborating with others
Understanding Roles Learn how members’ roles and permissions affect workspace activity
Creating a Template Create and use a workspace template for a quick start on your next project
Managing Download Settings Control exactly how and when your files are downloaded
Adding Tools and Sharing Files
Adding Tools and Files Add tools and files to become productive in a Standard Workspace
Create a File Sharing Workspace Share a folder or files with others through a File Sharing Workspace
Using a File Sharing Workspace Adjust settings, send invitations, and add content to a File Sharing Workspace
Integrating with SharePoint Connect to SharePoint document libraries with the SharePoint Files tool
Communication Made Easy
Organizing Contacts Add and delete contacts to efficiently connect with other members
Managing Known Contacts Use the Contact Manager to manage connections to known Groove contacts
Controlling Communications Control the flow of workspace communication activity
Adjusting Alert Settings Customize alert settings to stay up-to-date on workspace activities
Responding to Alerts Respond to alerts from members and to changes in workspace content
Employing Instant Messages Exchange ideas with Groove contacts using instant messaging
Chatting in the Workspace Start a chat to quickly connect with workspace members
Organizing Appointments and Meetings
Creating Appointments Schedule appointments and send links with the Calendar Tool
Managing Appointments Use the Calendar Tool to export/import appointments to manage schedules
Setting Up a Meeting Initiate meetings and select attendees with the Meetings Tool
Creating Meeting Details Make your meetings more efficient with agendas, minutes and action items
Working with Issues and Discussions
Recording Project Issues Improve project management by utilizing the Issue Tracking Tool
Responding to Issues Move projects forward by updating and responding to issues
Viewing / Searching Issues Track progress on issues more easily with different views and searches
Using Discussion Topics Post announcements or just get ideas flowing with the Discussion Tool
Utilizing Notes, Pictures and Sketches
Making Use of Notes Keep track of great ideas and information with the Notepad Tool
Working with Pictures Store, edit and manage project images with the Pictures Tool
Utilizing Sketches Convey your ideas visually with the Sketchpad Tool
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