Presentation Services

The landscape of digital presentations is ever-changing. These changes come in primarily two areas…advances in technology…and advances in understanding how people process information.

We work with companies and individuals to create presentations that give you the best chance of getting your point across. We use a combination of audio/visual tools (like PowerPoint, Articulate, Camtasia, and others) and an understanding of your audience to craft your message into an engaging, effective experience.

We also make sure you’re able to deliver your presentation in the most effective way. For some that means on CD/DVD…for others, via Flash on the web…and still others in a live setting from a laptop and projector.

We can help you at any stage of the presentation process. If you need help mapping out the project…we can help. Not sure how best to use images and animation…we got you covered. Need professional narration to make your presentation really stand out…we have the talent to make it happen.

How we can help

Here are some of the presentation services you can call on us to provide.

  • Formatting and editing of presentations
  • Presentation narration
  • Audio Production including music, special effects, professional voiceovers
  • PowerPoint Template design
  • PowerPoint file conversion to Flash for web and email distribution
  • Publish PowerPoint with Articulate Presenter for e-learning modules
  • Create custom video of your slideshow with Camtasia Studio
  • PowerPoint evaluation / coaching / training / tutoring
  • Provide on-site technical assistance for step up and running of presentation


Click the images below to view samples of our work on digital presentations. Some of the links will take you to full or partial multimedia presentations published in various final forms. Others will be samples of graphic design work we created for presentations.

Aureus Research - Budgets
Aureus Research - II-IND
Groove 2007
InfoPath 2007
Southwest Events
Research template
SciMoney template
SilverMed template
Grid template