E-Learning Services

elearning imageEvery company is unique, yet all face the same challenge — keeping employees up-to-date on the latest computer program, process or system. From custom in-house applications to Microsoft Office, everyone needs on-going training. The question becomes; How can you provide simple, effective training without breaking the bank…and without a loss of productivity during training?

The answer is customized training tutorials – or screencasts – that help get everyone on the same page. Think of it…self-service, on-demand visual training at every workstation!

No more half-days away from the desk for bloated classroom training. With our e-learning videos, end-users train themselves by watching brief movies that demonstrate specific procedures step-by-step. It’s just like having a personal computer trainer on call 24/7.

Why E-Learning?…Why now?

It can be the most effective way to address your unique training challenges and an answer some of IT’s toughest questions:

  • “How can we introduce new technology to the entire enterprise efficiently?”
  • “The vendor doesn’t offer any training for their software – what do we do?”
  • “What’s the best way to provide training to our remote offices & mobile workers?”

Our methodology

We focus on clear communication with our clients and a streamlined approach to each project by using a simple and efficient five-part “Quick Step” process:

Quickstep process

Using this approach to our screencasts companies get better trained people, faster and with less down time from work. Plus, the screencasts can be deployed in a SharePoint portal, LMS, CD or DVD…you name it.


  • Cost effective - provides ongoing training for unlimited users at a single price
  • Consistent training - demonstrates the precise task/procedure in your own environment
  • Efficient deployment - easily added to a SharePoint portal, web training center, LMS or CD

Let us help you develop and implement an affordable visual training program for your organization.

E-Learning samples
To sample the self-service, visual training we’ve created, click the images below. On the Microsoft Windows and Office sample pages you’ll also see a listing of video titles included in these currently available packages along with a link for further information.

As you watch, think of how we can help solve your training and support issues…then call us to learn more.

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