About Us

Presentation Choices is here to help HR and IT Departments meet their employee training and support goals while reducing costs.

We can help because we’re a leading provider of application and computer system training. We develop e-learning and computer-based-training (CBT) modules for custom applications as well as Microsoft Windows, Office and SharePoint.

We also help companies connect and communicate with clients and customers by developing demonstration videos of web sites and portals, and creating engaging PowerPoint presentations. Some benefits of these professionally produced videos and presentations include:

  • fewer support calls and greater satisfaction when customers visit company web sites
  • improved client relationships through easier access to company resources and information
  • higher close rates using consistent messaging and branding in marketing materials

An integral part of the e-learning, computer-based training, web video and presentation projects we create are the professional voiceovers and narrations we produce. This is one more area where our experience sets us apart from other service providers.

View our online samples and you’ll see that the training videos we create are consistently polished, dynamic and technically accurate. Our PowerPoint presentations communicate your message in a more accessible and memorable way.

A bit of history

Presentation Choices’ founder, George Briggs, is a long-time computer industry professional providing individuals and companies with creative, technical and training services.

He’s also a veteran of the broadcasting industry with experience in highly successful on-air and commercial production positions in the major radio markets of Chicago, San Diego and Phoenix.

It was during his broadcasting career that George developed and fine tuned his communication skills. Focusing on creative communication, he wrote, produced and recorded voiceovers for hundreds of local and nationally syndicated commercials.

Today, George’s polished and professional voice is heard in a variety of unique places, like training videos, web sites, PowerPoint presentations and corporate phone systems.

More recently

Since 2004, George has been combining audio, video and communication skills to provide businesses with solutions to their HR, IT, and Client/Customer training and presentation needs.

So what does the “Choices” mean in our name, Presentation Choices?

It means that we support HR and IT departments by creating training videos to…

  • reduce training costs
  • develop more productive employees
  • relieve the support burden of software rollouts

It means that we offer training video packages for Microsoft Windows, Office and SharePoint…plus provide custom training video services for other applications.

It means that to help businesses connect and communicate with clients and customers, we create demonstration videos for websites and develop PowerPoint presentations for use live and on the web.

Combining creativity, technology and a long history of communication successes, it’s easy to understand why Presentation Choices is a sought-after solutions provider. We hope you’ll contact us today with questions or suggestions about how we can better serve you.